Effect Audio Leonidas

The first product in the newly-announced, ‘Heritage Series’, Leonidas’ production is a different approach to our usual methods in crafting cables. Using scarce materials and new designs, it’s a cable in pursuit of the ultimate sound quality. Leonidas pairs well with warm and full-sounding IEMs, taking sounds into unprecedented heights.

Technical Specifications:

  • Custom made-to-order cable materials
  • Individually isolated enamel strand
  • Multi bundles Litz woven
  • Golden ratio of Ultra Purity Gold Silver Hybird
  • Mundorf Supreme Gold Solder
  • Reworked Insulation
  • Customized exquisite case


  • Since regular UPOCC cable materials could not offer the specific satisfying sound anymore that we’re trying to achieve, we went from using UPOCC to completely redesigning a unique custom cable make up.
  • Using the accredited woven Litz wiring technique and individually enamelled strands, along with our experience in working on Mars, we have successfully and significantly reduced and eliminated the dreaded skin and proximity effect.
  • Past experiences have taught us that even though sound quality is a critical factor in determining an upgrade cable’s worth, the tensile strength and flexibility matters too. The reworked insulation features high tensile strength and flexibility, while adding as little weight as possible.

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Product Code: Leonidas
Price : IDR 10,800,000
Availability: Pre-Order

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