Effect Audio MARS Gold Plated OCC Silver

As the flagship of Effect Audio, Mars pushes the boundaries and limits of material usage and sound tuning. Featuring UPOCC Gold Plated Silver, Mars entails vivid new experiences and incredible musicality, allowing users to enjoy a new level of space and imaging in music. Featuring a unique cable geometry, Mars eliminates a significant amount of ‘Skin Effect’, ensuring smooth sounds and great performance. Despite the flexible ergonomics, Mars is designed to withstand reasonable mechanical and environmental stress.

Technical Specifications:

  • 26 AWG
  • UPOCC Gold Plated Silver
  • Flexible Insulation
  • New EA CF connectors and Y-Split

Notes: Effect Audio uses certified UP-OCC materials only.

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Product Code: Mars
Price : IDR 13,500,000
Availability: Pre-Order

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