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The 64 Audio tia Fourt is a first-of-its-kind universal-fit earphone that takes full advantage of the patent pending tia system and everything weve learned up to this point in designing world-class in..
IDR 49,500,000
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The 64 Audio U18 Tzar is the worlds first universal-fit earphone with 18 balanced armature drivers per ear. It is the pinnacle of in-ear sound, designed for the most discerning listeners, audiophiles,..
IDR 41,000,000
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The 64 AUDIO U10 universal-fit earphones are the world's first true "reference" monitors. They're comprised of 10 masterfully tuned drivers per ear. The U10 is tuned for neutral bass, luscious but acc..
IDR 19,900,000
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The 64 AUDIO U12 Universal-Fit earphones are the pinnacle of personal audio. They offer a sleek, ergonomic design, and premium sound quality. The U12 is the culmination of over 7 years of IEM design. ..
IDR 22,500,000
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The 64 AUDIO U2 universal-fit earphones are an affordable option with a remarkable sound quality. The U2 easily outperforms other Dual-driver IEMs on the market due to its unique design. This product ..
IDR 6,400,000
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The 64 AUDIO U3 universal-fit earphones are extremely versatile and possess impressive clarity and warmth for any instrument or genre. The U3 faithfully reproduces vocals and instruments and brings th..
IDR 7,700,000
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The 64 AUDIO U4 universal-fit earphones were designed with bass lovers in mind. In addition to having dedicated mid and high drivers, their proprietary dual low subwoofers produce powerful yet control..
IDR 9,700,000
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The 64 AUDIO U6 universal-fit earphones are the "in-ear monitor of choice" for touring musicians and Houses of Worship. They are designed to be accurate and faithfully reproduce recordings and monitor..
IDR 13,000,000
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The 64 AUDIO U8 universal-fit earphones are premium, quad-low-driver "powerhouses". Special attention was put on enhancing the bass in such a way that it does not "overpower" the rest of the frequenci..
IDR 14,500,000
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