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Ei.3 is Custom Art’s first IEM developed in acrylic. This fairly inexpensive monitor provides phenomenal quality to price ratio. It focuses on more powerful bass response than Music Two or Music One w..
IDR 5,990,000
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Harmony 8.2 provides excellent sub-bass response, mid-bass is now more tamed and better-controlled. Vocals are more upfront, without being too intimate or narrow, yet still emotional and natural. Clar..
IDR 16,200,000
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Since its introduction in 2013 Music One is still considered one of the best single-driver In-Ear Monitor available on the market today! Tuned with care to achieve the best performance from only one s..
IDR 4,250,000
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Mid-level IEM with sound signature consistent with Music series philosophy. Created as a big brother to Music One. Music Two offers more body in the lower range and longer bass notes decay than Mus..
IDR 5,850,000
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Pro 330v2 stands for ultimate resolution, crispy sweet highs, organic smooth mids and deep, fine-textured lows. Suitable for all kind of music. Close and intimate yet capable soundstage gives a live-l..
IDR 7,890,000
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