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Based on the business for custom ear monitors, FitEar MH334 was born and models enjoy the music more. Place the driver of the 2 groups 1 each in groups, the low mids, and then reproduce the exact..
IDR 26,500,000
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FitEar MH335DW is a model that was double-woofer into order based on FitEar MH334, to enhance the texture of the low frequency range. By the network configuration and a new driver configuration, ..
IDR 27,500,000
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The FitEar ToGo 334 is the new ‘universal’ IEM from renowned custom IEM maker FitEar.  Based in a small workshop in Tokyo Japan, FitEar crafts each IEM by hand to the very highest standards. &nbs..
IDR 18,000,000
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