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Engineered to perfection, Sony's 40mm HD driver units provide a wideband audio performance range from 3Hz to an impressive 100,000Hz. As a result, you'll not only hear but also feel the powerful lows ..
IDR 3,500,000
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Powerful 40mm HD drivers deliver authentic sound Aluminum-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer Diaphragms for absolute clarity S-Master digital amplifier and DSEE take you closer to the original studi..
IDR 5,000,000
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Sony® MDR-1ADAC headphones deliver thoughtful design, lush comfort, and Hi-Res sound with powerful, integrated digital audio conversion/amplification capability, for an immersive Hi-Res audio performa..
IDR 5,200,000
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Product Features Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) frame structure for super light weight headphones Utilizes modern nanocomposite diaphragms to increase frequency range 50 millimeter diame..
Rp 1,800,000
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The MDR-Z1R headphones have been engineered to deliver a wider frequency range, reproducing super low and super high frequencies of up to 120 kHz. The wider dynamic range richly reproduces every minus..
IDR 25,000,000
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Drawing inspiration from a legacy of personal audio reproduction, Sony engineers have combined: a solid, thoughtfully designed aluminum structure with lush, ergonomic and enfolding comfort, and ultra-..
IDR 8,300,000
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